Friday, December 31, 2010


We left 30 degree weather in NYC to arrive in 88 degree weather in Accra Ghana! The flight arrived just about 20 minutes late but other than that it was an easy trip. George Odoi, our guide, welcomed us with his smile and Akwaaba welcome. Everyone is fine, happy, and smiling (for all our family and friends that includes Jamie, Elaine, Lisa, Jocelyn, Dorothy, Becky, both Jackies, Heather, Jennie, Diana, Miriam, Christina, Danielle, and Brooke (Cassie arrives tomorrow)).

We went right from the airport to our New Years Eve celebration. When in Ghana we do as the Ghanaians do--we went to church. This church was in a soccer stadium full of plastic seats that were full of Ghanaians dressed in white--the celebration color here.

George brought white handkerchiefs for us and arranged for seats up front near the music and dancing. A gospel choir sang and we, with hundreds of others, moved to the front and started dancing. After a few minutes the pastor began preaching while a woman translated it into Twi. That lasted over an hour and a couple of us caught upon some sleep we lost on the flight. A few minutes before midnight the preaching stopped and about 50 people came to he front to offer themselves to Christ while the preacher simultaneously preached and spoke in tongues. Then the offerings--people gave their yearly tithing, the night's offering, and white envelopes containing their wishes and hopes for the year.

Then the real dancing began. We were "dancing for God" along with hundreds of Ghanaians waving our white handkerchiefs and dancing with many different people and ourselves. That went on until 1:30 am. By then and after 18 hours of traveling we boarded the bus and headed to the Yegoala hotel ending our first night in Ghana! The beds were sublime!

Written by Cate Crowley

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